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Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class 

Yellow Class caters for pupils in the age range year 4, year 5 and year 6.

We take a holistic, nurturing and sensory approach to meet the needs of the children in Yellow Class and have a high staff ratio to enable us to do this. 


Our routine follows a structured TEACH approach to allow for a child-focused and adult-supported activities.  We vary this for our children daily. 

We encourage independence, communication and social skills throughout the school day.

Our sessions are both practical and semi-formal, and take part in and where possible out of the classroom environment.



Our children are encouraged to use PECS or talking devices as a communication, and we use Makaton.  Intensive Interaction is an important part of their day to develop their social skills.  





We encourage our children to be as independent as possible and we give our children opportunities to practice these skills whilst we go out in our local area.

We teach them life skills to help them in their future life. Some of the independence skills are…

Personal care

  • Can successfully visit the toilet by themselves, including getting dressed and cleaning themselves
  • Can flush the toilet after use
  • Can wash and dry their hands after visiting the toilet

Life skills

  • Use a knife and fork to push food on to their fork
  • Slice/ cut their own vegetables
  • Spread butter on toast and cut it in half
  • Pour their own drink

Community visit

  • Experience new outdoor/indoor environments
  • Responds appropriately to new outdoor/indoor experiences
  • Accesses the community alongside an adult

In yellow class to support the children’s additional needs we also include music therapy, cooking, nurture, soft play, swimming and regular community visit for cross-curriculum activities.

Forest School sessions are available and led by qualified leaders who understand the benefits of the natural environment.  They take place in our own Forest School on site. 

Our topics for the year are here below: 

British Values

At Cherry Trees School, we place emphasis on instilling and upholding British Values as an integral part of our educational ethos. These values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect, and tolerance for different faiths and beliefs, serve as the bedrock of our school community. We believe that by promoting these core principles, we not only prepare our students for active and responsible citizenship, but also foster a sense of social cohesion and understanding. Democracy is embedded in our school culture, encouraging students to voice their opinions and participate in decision-making processes. The rule of law is instilled through a sense of fairness and accountability, ensuring that all members of our community are treated justly. We celebrate individual liberty by encouraging personal and intellectual freedom, and we cultivate mutual respect and tolerance to create an environment where diversity is embraced. By embracing British Values, we strive to equip our students with the values and skills necessary for them to become well-rounded, respectful, and compassionate individuals who contribute positively to both our local community and the wider society.