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Transport Information

Development Services Directorate of the Local Authority may provide transport for pupil’s journey to and from school. When this happens, it is provided by and managed by the Local Authority that your child is linked to through their EHCP. 

On the transport there will be a Travel Assist and a Driver to ensure that your child is safe.  These people work for the transport provider and will be DBS checked.

It is the parent/carers responsibility to take the young person to the transport and on return to collect the young person from the transport as the escort must not leave the vehicle.

It is the parent/carers responsibility to notify the transport company if the young person will be absent from school. 

In bad weather parents are advised to check Staffordshire School Closures pages available from the Emergency Closures link.  If adverse weather occurs, we will monitor the conditions of the roads and this will be part of the deciding factor on whether we are able to safely keep school open.