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Transition - Existing Pupils

Transition is the process of moving between phases of education. For students with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) a smooth and successful transition is essential to help them to settle in and feel ready to learn.  At Cherry Trees School, we believe it is important that we work on transition with our children, and families to ensure that all the important information is known to school, teachers and wider class teams so that we are able to fully meet the needs of your child.  We think about transition between activities, lessons and areas of the school, but our information on our website will help with larger transitions – moving between stages of education.  The good practise outlined below is the goal that we work to achieve:

It is good practice for our EYFS provider to arrange a meeting to discuss the transition once we have received information about a child. This should take place in the term before the child is due to start, so that there is enough time for support to be put into place. Parents and any professionals working with the child will be invited. We will then plan for any necessary training, resources or adaptations that are required before a child starts.

The move from reception to year 1 is an important transition in a child’s education. It is when they move from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to Key Stage 1. This is the start of more formal schooling. Here we make sure we carefully plan and prepare. Reception and Year 1 staff will work together to ensure a smooth transition.

Moving from primary to secondary school can be an exciting time. It can also cause anxiety, especially for a child with SEND. 

Staff from both the current and new school will work together to plan for a positive transition. It is important that parents and carers are involved to help make this transition successful.  We will ensure that information is shared in advance of the transition sessions and if requested we will arrange additional sessions with the new setting.

  • Further help to all

The Young Minds website provides information, webinars and other support on transitions (and many other things) to parents, young people and professionals.