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Subject Leader – Gemma Hill

Curriculum Intent Statement for SMSC

We aim for all pupils to:

  • Children to be aware of goals and dreams that they have.
  • Familiar with our community around them.
  • Ensure that children understand that they can achieve whatever they set their sights on.
  • Respectful of others around us.
  • Have an awareness of their importance as global citizens and their ability to make a difference.
  • To enable pupils to make connections, become effective communicators therefore, widening their horizons.
  • To foster healthy and happy children in body and mind.

As a school we believe that RE is an important part of a broad and balanced curriculum, giving pupils the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge of the religious faiths and non-religious world views that exist in our society. However, in England and Wales, parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE and/or collective worship on the grounds that they wish to make their own provision. Requests for withdrawals must be made in writing.  We ask that before exercising any right of withdrawal, we would recommend that you contact the Headteacher for you to discuss your concerns.