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Red Class

Welcome to Red Class

I am Lauren, the class teacher. In our class, we cater for pupils in the age range years 1, 2, 3 and year 4 children.

We take a nurturing and academic approach to meet the needs of the children in Red Class and have a high staff ratio to enable us to do this. We have a wonderful team with fabulous skills and knowledge, which helps us support the children in the ways they need.

Red Class follow a formal pathway. Our routine is structured to allow for a child-focused and adult-supported activities. We vary this for our children daily. We deliver a full range of subjects for the children to learn through our thematic cycle, ensuring a wide coverage of learning and development.

Alongside our learning, we encourage the children to develop their independence skills. These are taught through a wide range of ways such as;

Personal care

  • Dressing themselves after PE and swimming sessions
  • Basic hygiene – using the toilet, washing hands, keeping clean

Life Skills

  • Preparing food during our cooking sessions
  • Tidying up after ourselves
  • Communicating with others our wants and needs
  • Getting resources and things needed to carry out tasks independently


  • Experience a wide range of outdoor/indoor environments
  • Support to access different areas of the community with the support of an adult, such as the shops, park, library, café etc.
  • Understanding how to help the school community and wider community

We also have a wide range of activities which further support the children’s additional needs. These include; music therapy, cooking, nurture, soft play, light room, outdoor learning and swimming.