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Green Class

Welcome to Green Class


We are David Murphy and Kerry Dickenson, and we are the class teachers for Green Class. 

Green Class caters for pupils in the age range year 4 and year 5 children.

We take a nurturing and academic approach to meet the needs of the children in Green Class and have a high staff ratio to enable us to do this. 

Our routine is structured to allow for a child-focused and adult-supported activities.  We vary this for our children daily. 

We encourage independence, communication and social skills throughout the school day.

Our sessions are both practical and formal and take part in and where possible out of the classroom environment.

We support the children in their learning experience to help reach their own special and unique potential. 

We hope your child will feel safe and happy during their time in Green Class.

The areas that we focus on in Green class are English and maths. 

These are embedded into our daily routine.  We use Numberfun songs daily to help with memory and recall of numbers and facts.

In maths we focus on:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money and measures
  • Addition and subtraction and money
  • Measures and shape
  • Number and fractions
  • Doubling and halving

And in English:

  • Speaking audibly, fluently and participate in performances recognising predictable phrases.
  • Articulate and justifying our responses.
  • Saying our sentences orally before writing and then punctuate my writing.
  • Listening and responding.
  • Maintain attention and participating actively.
  • Proof reading and editing our writing.

All of our English is achieved through a variety of texts.

In Green class we also provide the children opportunities to develop their independence.

Some of these are…

Personal care

  • Can successfully visit the toilet by themselves, including getting dressed and cleaning themselves
  • Can flush the toilet after use
  • Can wash and dry their hands after visiting the toilet

Life skills

  • Use a knife and fork to push food on to their fork
  • Slice/ cut their own vegetables
  • Spread butter on toast and cut it in half
  • Pour their own drink

Community visit

  • Experience new outdoor/indoor environments
  • Responds appropriately to new outdoor/indoor experiences
  • Accesses the community alongside an adult

In Green class we provide the children with a breadth of other areas.

These areas are:

Science, RE, PSHE, Music, PE, History and Geography, Computing and Art.  In each of these areas we continue to cover a range of facts and skills.

Additional Activities

To support the children’s additional needs we also include music therapy, cooking, nurture, soft play, swimming and community visits.

Forest School sessions are available and led by qualified leaders who understand the benefits of the natural environment.  They take place in our own Forest School on site.