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Ethos and Values

Cherry Trees School Song - A Song for Growing Hearts

Please have a listen to our School Song below.

The words were created with staff and pupils to reflect our Ethos and Values - Dream Big, Be Kind, Build Relationships. 

The song was recorded by our Music Therapist. We sing this at the start of every assembly.



Cherry Trees School Vision

Welcome to our school, where every child is embraced for their unique abilities and talents. We believe in nurturing the unique potential within every child.

Our vision is to create an inclusive and supportive learning environment where every pupil is valued, respected and empowered to thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

Through personalised education, innovative teaching methods, and a collaborative community, we aim to unlock the limitless possibilities for every child, fostering independence and a love of learning that lasts a lifetime.

We ensure that our vision is woven into all that we do by:

  • Building and maintaining excellent relationships between pupils, staff and parents/carers are understood as fundamental to our success/
  • We all share consistent high expectations for all pupils and staff.
  • We create an engaging and creative curriculum that provides all pupils with stretch and challenge whilst being relevant to the individual needs of all pupils.
  • Maintain a positive, happy and motivating learning environment and culture.
  • Pupils' learning, health, and well-being are addressed comprehensively through a holistic approach to pupil development.
  • We foster pupils' confidence and self-esteem while instilling respect for others, understanding of responsibilities, and positive behaviour.
  • We nurture strong links with the local community we serve.


Cherry Trees Values

Staff, parents, pupils and governors at Cherry Trees Primary School have worked together to review our ethos and develop our core values, these values are what we hold as integral to the curriculums we teach and in our approach to everything we do.

We endeavour to develop the characters of all of our learners through developing the following values:

  • Dream Big
  • Build Relationships
  • Be Kind

Whilst exploring our values, we were able to identify many important and valuable characteristics that we worked with the children to develop through all that we do – but found that these 3 values best exemplify all of those.  Below is a table that demonstrates how are values are integrated into everything we do.


What this looks like at Cherry Trees School.

Dream Big


Pupils have a high self-regard as learners and feel capable.

Staff know the children well and are ambitious for their future.

Children feel successful and proud of the achievements.

Children aren’t afraid to make mistakes.

Individuality is nurtured and celebrated.

We work together within a multi disciplinary approach in order to remove barriers to learning and find solutions.

We relentlessly promote pupil

independence in everything we do.

We ensure that pupils have positive role models and a wide breadth of experiences and opportunities outside of the classroom.

Through our multi-disciplinary approach we advocate for our families to ensure that our pupils have the best support in place to be successful.

Build Relationships

The voice of the children is valued and each child’s unique interests and talents are understood and celebrated.

Friendships are nurtured and fostered through our various councils and clubs.

A total communication approach ensures that pupil voice is represented in all pathways.

Staff collaborate together to remove barriers to learning for individual pupils and to find solutions.

Fairness through equity for pupils and staff.

We work together to keep children safe.

Be Kind

We support each other and understand that we are part of a school community that flourishes when we work together with empathy and common purpose.

We appreciate and value each member of our school community for their unique talents and individuality.

We appreciate the diverse lived experience of our school community and develop our understanding, tolerance and empathy for others.

We are aware of the impact our choices can make to others both positive and negative. We use this understanding to do good wherever and whenever we can.


Equity at Cherry Trees School

At Cherry Trees School, we firmly believe in the fundamental principle of equity as a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. We recognise that each student is unique, with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and approaches to learning. Upholding equity ensures that every learner is afforded the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential, irrespective of their individual circumstances. By fostering an inclusive and supportive environment, we aim to eliminate barriers that may hinder academic, social, or emotional growth. Our commitment to equity extends beyond the classroom, encompassing all aspects of school life, and is integral to cultivating a community that values and celebrates diversity. We believe that by championing equity, we create an environment where every student feels empowered, valued, and capable of achieving success.