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Subject Leader – Kerry Dickenson

Curriculum Intent Statement for English

We aim for all pupils to:

  • To develop lifelong readers that can access their local community and reach for aspirational life journey.
  • For the pupils to be exposed to a range of varied texts, demonstrating understanding.
  • To share books with others developing reading skills.
  • To develop the skills to record personal information (name and address).
  • To be able to read to their ability lead.
  • To develop a love of reading.
  • To engage with texts and be able to retell a range of stories.
  • To recognise and access symbols
  • To anticipate/participate in sensory stories.
  • To read/recognise their name and identify a wide range of symbols in the environment.
  • By Year 6 our pupils will be able to express their thoughts and have a love for writing.
  • For them to be able to edit and improve their own writing.
  • To build on the skills of writing, forming letters and using grammar, punctuation and spelling.

All children will learn:

  • To order/write their name
  • To develop letter formation.
  • To access writing and understand its purpose
  • To be able to write complete sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.
  • To develop letter formation