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Subject Leader – Jenny Parkes

Curriculum Intent Statement for EYFS

We aim for all pupils to:

Communication & Language

  • The ability to express wants and needs.
  • To be communicators using own preferred mode of communication.
  • To begin to develop independence.
  • To begin to develop self-esteem and confidence.


  • To be able to recognise key letters and sounds.
  • To be able to recognise key words/symbols.
  • To recognise own name.
  • To write own name.
  • To mark-make with intent and give meaning to marks.
  • To describe something they can see using preferred communication method.

Mathematical Development

  • To recognise object permanence.
  • To recognise key mathematical language and numbers.
  • To develop an awareness of early mathematical concepts.
  • To develop an awareness of routine.

Knowledge of the World

  • Can recognise self and others.
  • Can activate buttons, flaps and simple mechanisms.
  • Can notice features in both the immediate and wider environment.
  • Can participate in cultural days through role play, songs and creative activities.

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Will participate in songs, rhymes and musical activities.
  • Will participate in mark-making and creative activities.
  • Expresses self through physical action and sound.
  • Creates a response to an external stimulus i.e. moves to music, creates a story around toys…


  • To know how to be self-proficient in feeding, cleaning and dressing.
  • To show independence.
  • To show social awareness and acceptance.
  • To begin to respect each other.
  • To begin to develop life skills.
  • To begin to develop self-esteem and confidence.


  • Can use equipment safely e.g. climbing frame, cars…
  • To demonstrate how to successfully negotiate space.
  • The ability to move independently in an appropriate and safe manner.
  • To begin to develop self-esteem and confidence.