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At Cherry Trees School, we believe it is our job, to help families achieve the best attendance for their child that we can.  We believe it is important to work together to ensure all of the children have the best opportunities in life and attending school regularly will enable them to achieve this.


Take a look at our attendance policy below to see what you can expect around how we report attendance to you – we use a simple system each term, to let you see if you are on track with great attendance or if you want to meet with us, to look at a plan for help.


We work with a service outside of school called Staffordshire EWW Service, to help us keep on track.


Our Staff have a wealth of experience supporting pupils and families. Regular visits and communication will take place at your child’s school to monitor every child’s school attendance.


If you feel you require support, you can ask your school to contact us.


Regular absences from school can affect:

  • Attainment levels - the quality of schoolwork, qualifications gained
  • School routine - disrupting your child’s learning and that of the other pupils
  • The chances of children and young people being involved in anti-social behaviour
  • A child or young person’s general wellbeing and long-term life opportunities


Improving regular attendance at school is therefore a key priority, both locally and nationally.


We are aware that children can miss school due to unavoidable illness.  Please ensure that you communicate the reasons for your child’s absences on the first day of absence.  If there are long-term attendance difficulties, then please discuss this with us, so that we may support.


Attendance is an important part of your Child's Education; they cannot learn if not in school.


Attendance = Attainment                 Everyday Counts!


You are legally responsible for ensuring your child attends school every day and on time.


Please also be aware that if your child is late to school, after the register has closed, then this will be classed as an absence and further action could be taken against you.


Did you know being on time is important too?

When a child arrives late at the start of the school day, it is very disruptive to their learning and the learning of their classmates


If you require any more Information about VIP Education, then contact your school and speak to Nicola Johnson.


Please take a look at the information below that has been recently published by the Government, that helps to explain the pupils, schools, parents and LA responsibilities around attendance.  These are the guidelines we are operating within.